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The Biggest Mistake of the 2015 Season

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It is the offseason still, and we need something fun to talk about. So here’s today’s question: What was the biggest mistake of the 2015 season for the Denver Broncos?

First off, let’s point out that this is a silly question given that we won a world championship. The season was the best kind of season any NFL franchise can possibly have. So save the gnashing of teeth and rending of robes in the comments. We are honestly in full-on nit-pick mode for fun.

My “No Bull” take:

Benching Brock Osweiler in week 17 after the team played like junk for one half of the game gets my nod. While ultimately I feel like it set us up for the postseason success we wanted to have (and did back then, too), I seriously think that it also was very short-sighted of our head coach.

When Broncos benched him, I told the rest of the crew in our staff chatroom that they could kiss Brock goodbye. To me it was as simple as water being wet. He’d been stuck in the shadow of Manning for years, and this would be the last straw.

What it cost us

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Brock is the next Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or even Andy Dalton. He is no sure deal by any stretch of the imagination. The real problem is that it really hamstrings us this year from the QB talent angle.

Think about it for a second - if we don’t bench him, we just as likely have the same kind of postseason run. Our QB didn’t really have a big affect on the postseason. Anyone telling you that Brock would be a major down-grade from Manning is kidding himself/herself.

So then we roll into the draft, still can move up and grab Paxton Lynch if we want, but have no Mark Sanchez and no drama. We can easily roll into 2016 knowing that Brock gets the start and the team is still building behind him with Siemian and Lynch in the wings.

I’d feel pretty good about a medicore QB with four years of experience (albeit mostly on the bench) going into Week 1.

Why I think it went down the way it did

This one in my mind falls directly on Gary Kubiak. He was the only guy making that call. Instead of backing the young QB, he took the easy and less risky out by going with Father Time.

I would argue that had he given Brock his full support, the team could have won those games just as easily.

But let’s also be fair here - Brock didn’t show anyone in that game that he was going to lead the team and rally the troops. He looked more like a player executing plays than a leader on the field.

Your turn

What do you think - what was the biggest mistake of the 2015 season?

Was it trotting out Manning against KC when we knew he was seriously not well?

Maybe it was bringing in some past duds who worked with Kubiak and couldn’t hack it in the preseason?

Let us know in the comments what irks your orange and blue soul about 2015.