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Von Miller on a crusade to save the NFL

Eric Goodman was out today, so Les Shapiro was captaining the ship at The Afternoon Drive. In his conversation with Mike Pritchard, he brought up the recent quotes from Von Miller about the franchise tag and his contract negotiations. Please make the bad man stop! Can it be over already? Oh, and they talked about Trevor Siemian.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller is apparently on a crusade to save his fellow NFL players from the franchise tag. In a recent interview with ESPN Miller discussed his feelings, and how hurt he was over the Denver Broncos first contract proposal. I might get a little snippy here, but that may just be the Von Miller contract fatigue kicking in.

"I wanted to take my agent out of it, sometimes organizations think that agents have a different message than the player. So I wanted to call them (John Elway and Joe Ellis) and let them know that the message that I was trying to get across was coming straight from me. Then we made progress in that side of it, me being able to get some stuff off of my chest and getting a response from him (John Elway). Some of the tactics that they use to negotiate, they hurt... Some of that stuff just didn't have to be done, especially them knowing the type of guy that I am, the type of teammate that I am. I thought that we would just get in a room and knock this stuff out in a couple of hours. But, you know they have championship tactics, I don't agree with some of the stuff that they do, but obviously it works."

I am all for every player in the NFL getting as much money as they can, when they can. Careers are short, and nothing is guaranteed, so go get your money. However, I can’t stand when a player talks about their feelings being hurt when they are offered enough money to last a few lifetimes. Evidently, Miller doesn’t like the Broncos tactics, so he deployed some of his own.

"I'm not going to play for the franchise tag, it just doesn't make [any] sense in any way. You know, I've never really played for money, it's just not what I play for. So, it's hard to get me to do things for money. It's bigger than, you know, one year you gotta get this or miss out on that... It's bigger than that. It's a league wide problem that I feel like I am in a situation to help out with.”

So, now Miller isn’t just negotiating his own contract, but he is taking a stand against a league policy that was collectively bargained by his own union? Really Vonster? Is it so terrible to be in your position? All you have to do is show up and you get $14 million, and you are going to crusade against that? Now who is using negotiation tactics?

I get it, the Broncos need Miller, and he probably doesn’t need the Broncos. And I want the Broncos to sign the man, and he probably deserves $70 million guaranteed (as much as anybody deserves it). But going out of your way to essentially climb up on the franchise tag cross to save your brothers in arms? Give me a break.

Miller is going to sign with the Broncos (Tuesday is my day in the MHR pool), and all this animosity will turn to love and rainbows and unicorns dancing in the streets. John Elway and Miller will shake hands, laugh and get to work. Fatigue is setting in, and it has landed us in this awkward position where we hate hearing about our favorite team and player. Hate is a strong word, maybe we all need a break. Don’t worry. We will get it on Friday at the latest. Can you make it through the rest of the week?