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Vote for fellow Members in the 2016 MHR Hall of Fame

It's time to choose your peers.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to vote for what may be one of the toughest categories - choosing your peers.

While this site needs a team to cheer for and writers to relay the info, it is members in the community who make this a place of information, education, occasional therapy and often comic relief.

As Broncs55 stated last year (which was so good, it's worth saying again), "This thread alone tells me something that we all already know - there are so many great individuals within this community which MAKES this community so great! Thank you all - even if I don't agree with some of your opinions sometimes, we're all brothers and sisters."

Thanks to the community here at MHR ,we have an audience who lives and breathes Broncos football and makes the site better because of the knowledge and passion that runs through the discussion threads every day (and twice on Sundays)!

Every name on the list below - plus countless others - is an integral part of this blog. Though it seems unfair to limit the choices, we must. And so you can vote for your favorites among the following elite members of this fine Broncos community.

Rodney Adams

joined: February 2013

comments: 10,350

recent fanpostDenver Broncos Option: Quarterback or Bust

nomination recs: 47

nomination from oldcoachB; excerpt from KRONK-00 (from 2015 and again in 2016): "He's full of knowledge and energy. Likes to mix it up a bit, but always with insight and effort. He's dropped off the (MHR) planet for a bit here, and I'm hoping he'll be back. When discussing things with Rodney, you could practically hear the "engage brain"-gear kick in.

Wrote many many great comments. Wrote many great posts. But the biggest thing that wins it for me, is that he wrote the single most impressive (imo) piece of "predictive analysis" that I have ever read.

Remember when we had the 2nd pick of the draft, and everyone was pretty evenly split between thinking Von, M-Darius, and P-Peterson for the Broncos? Yeah; second pick. Couldn't agree on what position, or which player. Thank goodness it wasn't the 5th pick. Or the 12th, or 18th. Each successive step would just have us more completely lost than the previous.

But not for super-Rodney. 31st pick, mofo's (take no offense, I'm including myself here).

RA sat back and turned up the analytic wattage. Evaluated what he understood of the game and of the team. Considered the positional strengths and weaknesses. Identified his position, and his player and ran draft simulations to try and target where he'd have to trade up to, and for what value.

Then he went and wrote a post laying the whole thing out and explaining why we were going to trade up in the first round (!), to the 18th position(!), to draft an MLB named CJ Mosely (not Ryan Shazier!)

That didn't happen. aaaaaaahahahaha! But it wasn't for lack of effort. The Broncos DID try to trade up for Mosley. The only thing RA hadn't absolutely NAILED in his informed evaluation was how much it would take to pull off the trade.

It exemplified the depth of his knowledge of the game, and of the Broncos re: their schemes/needs/desires/make-up at that point in time."

*excerpt for 2016 nomination: Guess who dropped back in just prior to the draft to write a post that stated that the Broncos HAD TO move up (!), in the 1st round (!), to select a QB (!)?

That's right; RA. Wish he was around more, but even more so I wouldn't want his contributions to be forgotten.


joined: July 2011

comments: 8,284

recent fanpostA big picture view - Louis Vasquez's struggles in the Bengals game

nomination recs: 38

nomination excerpt from OrangeAndBluesBros: "Anytime a line issue comes up, I always look for CH74 to weigh in. His input is exceptional."


joined: August 2012

comments: 8,765

recent fanpostTop 'zen' reasons to love these Denver Broncos

nomination recs: 12

nomination excerpt from docllv (from 2015 nomination): "In my short time at MHR, I have appreciated over and over and over his insight on the Broncos, on football, on playing a sport at a very high competitive level and on sportsmanship. His knowledge in those areas has always translated into thoughtful, respectful and intelligent commentary."

*addendum for 2016 - I can't think of many others who are more supportive of this community -€” whether it is of staff writers, other members or the players/coaches of our favorite team. And KRONK always follows a rule my mom taught me that I could only aspire to be as good about -€” "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."


joined: July 2008

comments: 22,610

recent fanpostCoaching the O-line

favorite fanpostHappy Anniversary, MHR!

nomination recs: 17

nomination excerpt from Zach Eckels in 2015: "I can't think of anyone who embodies the orange Kool-aid better than metalman. He continues to be a burst of joy and excitement even in our toughest times. He's taken up the old battle cries of optimism and waved the banners as proudly as I've ever seen. As much as I appreciate McGeorge for being a realist, I appreciate metalman for shaking off all the heavy news and just enjoying football. His passion is contagious, and I smile every time I see the "Life is sunny, life is grand, living here in La la Land!" or "We'll Rock With Brock" banners flowing."

nomination from OrangeandBluesBros in 2016: "Where would we be without his graphics?"

the prodigal fan

joined: January 2010

comments: 21,110

recent fanpostPost-Super Bowl Panic Room

nomination recs: 10

nomination excerpt from stay22: "Because he is the prodigal fan. And I like his comments."


joined: December 2013

comments: 15,108

recent fanpostOffensive, defensive pressure points (last in series)

nomination recs: 37

nomination excerpt from KRONK-00: "He does a very good job of 'myth-busting,' bringing supporting data, sound arguments, good perspective, and respectful delivery."


joined: November 2010

comments: 34,983

recent fanpost: creator of "Calikula's Imperial Weekly Thread"

nomination recs: 35

nomination excerpt from KRONK-00: "He has posted well over 100 of his CIWTs (Calikula's Imperial Weekend Thread), and if they average 250 comments per week (a guess that I think would stand up to analysis) then we can see he's helped to drive well over 25,000 comments -  and many, many more clicks - to MHRs pages.

While some may think it's strange to value a thread that is not intended to be very much about football, it has served its purpose very well over time; it has provided a place for many folks to drop in, have a laugh, escape from some other - sometimes absurd - posts and acerbic threads, and most importantly, get to know each other a little bit."


joined: January 2010

comments: 52,340

recent fanpostSuper Bowl hype (and gif) thread!

nomination recs: 31

nomination excerpt from Tim Lynch: "Giver of GIFs and laughter!"


joined: September 2008

comments: 9,982

recent fanpost'Win from now on' draft targets

nomination recs: 17

nomination excerpt from kingbronco94: "Always provides some wonderful insight on topics related to the Denver Broncos. And Sko Buffs, need I say more."


joined: October 2009

comments: 1,045

recent fanpostManaging the cap, part 2

nomination recs: 13

nomination excerpt from docllv: "Not only does he have a very fun name to write/type out, he always provides thoughtful and comprehensive insight to his comments, which also always reveals a solid football IQ and sound perspective."

Serbian Bronco

joined: December 2013

comments: 4,894

recent fanpostAsk a Broncos fan - Broncos v. Steelers 2015

nomination recs: 13

nomination excerpt from EphBoston: "I love his posts. Very thoughtful and articulate. He can take a position without personally offending anyone. Plus the guy watches games at times when most people would be asleep! Haven't seen him around lately, but he was a sorely needed voice of calm and composure during the Manning years."

Vote now for MHR Hall of Fame - Members!

And if you dare, share whom among your peers you decided upon.