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Horse Tracks: Leaders stepping up

One thing I love about this offseason is seeing guys not named Peyton Manning stepping up and becoming more vocal. They are the heart and soul of the team and hopefully we'll see them in orange and blue for many more years to come.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With Manning retiring, there's a huge leadership void in the Denver locker room. It is good to see guys like Derek Wolfe, Chris Harris, Jr., and Emmanuel Sanders stepping up and being leaders.

It isn't that they haven't previously been handling their business the same way: with honesty, strength, and setting the standard for the team by how they act. I'd argue that these guys are being true to themselves and the only difference now is that the attention the media used to spotlight on Manning is being turned their way a little more.

I am never disappointed in reading articles about these guys. Whether giving brash truth about the business of football (Wolfe), showcasing their love for football and giving back in some way to the community (Sanders and others), or talking no nonsense about the way they play the game and how good they are at it (Harris, Jr.), these guys always have something interesting to say.

They also do a great job representing the Denver Broncos team and showing the younger players how to be Broncos.

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