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Broncos, Von Miller mum on talks but optimism for deal still alive

So you said you wanted another Von Miller update? I know, you didn't. So consider this your non-update on the non-news about Miller's contract that we all know will be signed on Friday.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In just 25 hours (and counting) all this Von Miller drama will be over.

But until then, the misinformed speculation, the unnecessary panic and absurd predictions will dominate the discussion.

A few have had cooler heads while trying to convey the obvious - no public disputes right now is a good sign because all the smart people understand the deal is likely to go down to the wire anyway.

They always do.

The truth is both sides are likely working feverishly to get the best deal for both sides, and that takes time.

But teammates don't seem to be worried, and if there's anybody trustworthy at this point in the negotiations, it's them.

Plus, Miller himself has been a traveling fool the past two days with Peyton Manning's retirement party, Geek Squad duties and the ESPYs plus a Utah-based Dancing With the Stars fundraiser on Friday.

This does not appear to be a man worried about his contract negotiations.

If you find yourself unable to stop hitting the panic button, I suggest joining in on a little Twitter fun Ian Henson started - a Kickstarter campaign to let Von know we want him in Denver and we'll give him super cool stuff to stay.

If my new dancing shoes and Ian St. Clair's vinyl Phil Collins' collection aren't enough to bridge the gap, then maybe we don't want him here anyway (kidding, kidding...remember, breathe).

Ultimately, not signing Von is not an option - for John Elway or Broncos Country - so don't panic, Miller is going to be a Bronco for life.

So try this (but ignore my misplaced apostrophe - stupid autocorrect):