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Broncos, NFL players react with joy to Von Miller's monster contract

And now everyone can take a deep breath and move on.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Glory, glory Hallelujah...Von has been signed.

Despite speculation over a rift between Von Miller and John Elway, a fellow Super Bowl MVP, it would appear all is well in Dove Valley once again.

After days of exactly what we expected - drama, drama, panic, drama, DEAL - Von Miller cashed in, and the Internet went crazy as Miller became the highest paid defensive player in NFL history.

But Broncos insiders and the NFL focused on just why Miller deserved all that moola.

A few New England diehards were trying to tweet about some quarterback fulfilling a four-game suspension (???) but most of us knew where the real news was - at Mile High, baby.

And then, of course, there were some priceless player reactions from current and former teammates.

A few of Miller's counterparts across the NFL - who were partly responsible for this "Vonster" deal - also chimed in with their congrats:

Miller himself had a plane to catch immediately after inking the deal so he could make it to Salt Lake City where his former Dancing With The Stars partner Witney Carson is putting on a fundraiser show tonight.

But he told NFL Network's James Palmer that the deal got him what he really wanted - to be a Bronco for life. "This is something I really wanted - to stay with the Denver Broncos," Miller said. "I am so appreciative and grateful for this opportunity."