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Von Miller contract: Elway, Kubiak, and Von comment on his new deal with the Broncos

Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway, Denver Broncos Head Coach, and All-Pro linebacker Von Miller comment on the new deal both sides agreed to earlier today.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have heard, the Denver Broncos and star linebacker Von Miller agreed to a six-year, $114.5 million dollar deal earlier today. This deal includes a whopping $70 million dollars in guaranteed money which is the most a non-quarterback has ever received, and the most a Denver Broncos player has ever received.

This at times was a tough deal for both sides to complete. Von and the Broncos brass battled all offseason, but finally, came to an agreement and each side reacted to the deal being completed.

Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway:

"Von’s earned this contract not only for what he’s done in the past but for what we believe he’ll do in the future. This was a long process that ended the way we all wanted—with Von being part of the Denver Broncos for many more years. Our team had a tremendous year last season, and the way Von performed the final few weeks was such a big part of our Super Bowl run. Going forward, we expect great things from Von not only on the field but with the responsibility he has as a leader on the team. I’m proud of how we’ve handled this situation and give credit to everyone on our staff who helped get this done."

Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak:

"I know this took a lot of hard work from John and Von to get this done, and we’re thrilled that Von is going to be a Bronco for a long time. I’ve known him since he was a kid in college. Most of all, I’m proud of how far Von’s come as both a person and a player. It’s a great day for him and the organization. We’re all excited to get back to work with Von as a leader of our team."

Super Bowl 50 MVP and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller:

"I’m super happy and excited to be back with my teammates for the next six years. This is something I really wanted—to stay with the Denver Broncos. I am so appreciative and grateful for this opportunity. I want to thank Mr. Bowlen, Joe Ellis, John Elway and Coach Kubiak for making this possible. I’m also thankful for the way my teammates and our fans have supported me. I’m excited for the future and ready to get back to work."

Here are some pretty cool stats provided from the Denver Broncos about Von Miller.

Von Miller has totaled 60 sacks in his first five seasons in the NFL which ranks him 6th all-time during the span. Reggie White(81), J.J. Watt(74.5), Derrick Thomas (66), DeMarcus Ware 64.5, and Richard Dent (61.5) only have more. This includes Miller's injury/fat/suspension season as well.

Von Miller has played a total of 72 total games in his NFL career and averages 0.83 sacks per game. That ranks him 3rd all time behind J.J. Watt(0.93 sacks per game) and Reggie White(0.85 sacks per game).

Miller is also climbing his way up on the Denver Broncos all-time sack list. Right now he ranks 8th with 60, but could move into the top 3 with a 15 sack season this year. The great Simon Fletcher has the most career sacks in Denver Broncos history with 97.5 sacks.

Right now, Miller is 37.5 sacks behind Fletcher. So if he can stay healthy and continue producing, he could pass Fletcher in about 3 or 4 seasons and become the Broncos all-time sack leader.