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Broncos roster 2016: Guard Robert Myers Jr.

Breaking down the Denver Broncos 2016 90-man roster, one player, one post, one day at a time. Today we keep the football rolling looking at guard, Robert Myers Jr.

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It's that time of the year again. Mile High Report begins our annual 90 players in 90 days roster breakdown. Last year went fairly well, but starting today and through August 27th, we'll break down every player on the Denver Broncos roster.

Name: Robert Myers Jr.
Position: Guard
Height: 6'5"   Weight: 326
Age: 24   Experience: 1st
College: Tennessee State

Robert Myers Jr. was selected in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens.

He stuck with the Ravens until he was among the final cuts for the team before week one of the 2015 season. A day later, Myers was claimed off waivers by the Indianapolis Colts. Myers lasted a week on the Colts roster before being waived again, and this time going unclaimed. The Ravens added Myers to their 10-man Practice Squad in late September and he stayed there until late December.

On December 30th, the Denver Broncos signed Myers off the Baltimore Ravens practice squad and added them to their active roster. Myers was a weekly inactive but was a member of the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos.

Myers has spent this past offseason with the Denver Broncos and will compete for a spot on the Broncos roster or their 10-man Practice Squad.

There's a lot to like about Myers, and there's a reason why the Ravens spent a 5th round draft pick on him just one year ago. Baltimore Ravens offensive coach Juan Castillo was high on Myers, and he thought he could turn into an NFL starter someday.

"I think Juan likes to work with tough guys who are hard-working guys. That’s what he came back and told us," Head Coach John Harbaugh said. "He really likes the upside. He thinks he really has a chance to develop into a starting offensive lineman in this league. That’s always the goal when you draft somebody."

If he can develop into an NFL starter down the road, the Broncos may have found a diamond in the rough.

(Photo via

Myers has the nickname "quadzilla". The picture above is proof of my he has this nickname. They're huge, and onlookers at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine took notice.

Just taking a quick look at him you can quickly see that he's a powerful player. Now under the teachings of zone-blocking gurus, Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison and Head Gary Kubiak, maybe they can get the most out of Myers.

The good:

He has the look of an NFL offensive lineman. He's a big guy(6'5", 324lbs), and has a powerful lower and upper frame. He uses his powerful frame and a strong lower half to anchor against defensive lineman and not get pushed backward against the bull rush.

One of his better traits is that he's a technician in the trenches. You would assume he's a power only player, but he knows how to use his hands and feet in the trenches.

He has good body control for a man of his size and is explosive off the snap.

Another positive for Myers is the Broncos depth at the interior guard positon.

Currently, the Broncos have two first-time starters penciled in at both guard spots. Those players being 2015 draft picks, Max Garcia and Ty Sambrailo. To make matters worse for the Broncos, Sambrailo has yet to play an NFL snap at guard. So the Broncos starters are question marks, and the depth behind them is just as questionable.

The Broncos spent a draft pick on Connor McGovern this past spring, and the veteran of the group is former Miami Dolphin Sam Brenner. So there's definitely an opportunity here for Myers.

Also, the Broncos did sign Myers off the Ravens practice squad and on to their 53-man active roster. So if they feel like he's good enough to be on the team during their playoff run, why not during the 2016 season?

The bad:

It's not often that you see a fifth round pick get waived only months after being drafted by the team. Usually, they hang on to you and give you a few more shots to prove yourself before moving on. So it's not good that the Ravens decided to move on so quickly Even worse, the Colts claimed him and parted ways after one week. Now he did land on the Ravens practice squad, but still, you expect a little more from a fifth rounder than that.

Usually, when you think of zone-blocking offensive lineman, you think of the quicker/undersized guys, not the mammoth and powerful guys like Myers. Obviously, Kubiak feels he fits the scheme but still appears to be an odd fit in this scheme.

Myers isn't the quickest guy and will struggle against quicker and more explosive players.

What may hurt Myers chances of making the roster is the Broncos drafting Connor McGovern. He's likely making the team and seems like a better scheme fit anyways.

You usually only see 2 or 3 at most backup interior lineman make the squad, and you have to assume Ferentz and McGovern will be two of those 3, can Myers show enough to make the 3rd spot?

Roster Status:

I am intrigued by Myers.

He really isn't your typical zone-blocking guard, but his size, strength, and power are intriguing. All the pre-draft stuff I read on him say he has the potential to be a future NFL starter.

Here's what NFLcom's draft profile said about Myers.

Myers is already above average from a technical standpoint and is a quick processor when the game speeds up. Myers is a guard prospect who can pull and play in a power scheme. He has the pass protection traits of an NFL starter. The ceiling is higher for Myers than many guard prospects in this draft, and with more coaching and work in the weight room, he should be an NFL starter.

but the fact he has bounced around some is a cause for some concern.

Ultimately I think he's on the outside looking in right now. He's a strong practice squad candidate, but a strong and healthy camp/preseason could launch him into a roster spot on the defending Super Bowl Champs.