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Would Pat Bowlen have handled Von Miller better than John Elway?

Hey Broncos fans! Did you know that Von Miller signed a record breaking deal with Denver and will probably spend the rest of his career in Orange and Blue? If you didn’t, you must have just crawled out of a zombie bunker you have been living in for the last 20 years. The guys at the Afternoon Drive had some pretty interesting takes about John Elway, Pat Bowlen, Von Miller and the whole process.

Once it was all said and done, the Denver Broncos had their new face of the franchise, Broncos Country let out a sigh of relief and the arm-chair general managers started throwing as much mud as possible at John Elway. Eric Goodman came up with this notion that Pat Bowlen was a fatherly figure, which made players want to come to Denver.

It is an interesting position to be in, taking shots at a guy who put together a Super Bowl champion team. I certainly understand the affection for Mr. Bowlen. It may be my age, but he was like that cool grandpa my buddy had that wore cool sunglasses, drove a miata, dated a pretty blond 20 years his junior and wore a pimping fur coat.

But what is it that has people upset with Elway, and pining for the days of Bowlen? Elway is a savvy businessman, who was handed control of the team by Bowlen, and all he has done is put together a championship team. So what is the negative here? Is it the huge number attached to Von Miller? Is it the way C.J. Anderson was handled? To listen to Goodman, and a pretty big faction within Broncos Country, you would think Elway ruined the whole franchise.

Bonus Listen:

All I can say is how glad I am this is over. Tim Lynch took a little bit of time to try and talk Goodman down from this stance. By the end of it all, I think we can all agree that the Broncos are better off with Miller, and with Elway.