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John Elway may have a weakness

John Elway has a problem according to Eric Goodman. He isn’t a gambler. In light of the big number attached to Von Miller, and the loss of a few key free agents, The Afternoon Drive discuss Elway’s biggest weakness.

Some people in Broncos Country, and the media, have taken some shots at John Elway recently. If there is a criticism out there, it is that he waits too long on resigning players. Maybe Elway is not the gambler when it comes to evaluating player talent, but is that really a bad thing. Production is the key to Elway’s decisions, and sometimes you have to wait to see what you have.

In cases like Malik Jackson and Brock Osweiler, it appears Elway waited too long, allowing good players to walk for a lot more money. This can also lead to great players costing a lot of money to keep them around. There is no doubt that the Broncos could have had Jackson, Osweiler, and possibly Danny Trevathan for four to six million dollars each.

So, John Elway is not a fortune teller. He can not tell what the future holds. Now, I make light of this, but also realize the issue here. I won’t call Elway gun shy, but there is merit in being able to take a risk and have it work out. John Elway is the best executive in the NFL, but no one is perfect. If he does have a weakness, this might be it. Not the end of the world, and Elway has certainly earned the benefit of the doubt.

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