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Will fans accept a Broncos run first team?

Are you looking forward to a Broncos run first offense or will you miss the passing game?

The Afternoon Drive recently discussed possible fan reactions to a Broncos run first team. Would fans embrace a run first offense? If the Broncos are winning the answer is easy. Yes. Of course! Or to be more exact, there might be complaining about a lack of passing this season (isn't there always complaining?) but it will be easy to ignore because the Broncos are now 100 percent a defensive focused team.

It was noted during the discussion that some fans are always going to favor the passing game.

"That's the difference between the pro game and the college game. I get bored with three yards and a cloud of dust in the college game. I want to see a guy throw the ball around the yard. I want to see Tom Brady. I want to see Aaron Rogers. I want to see Peyton Manning. I want to see Drew Brees. It makes for a more exciting game."

But the Broncos don't have Peyton Manning (the 2013 version) anymore as quarterback. They don't even know who they have at quarterback right now, and they are completely reworking their offensive line. It would be shocking if the Broncos didn't run more this season. A lot more.

If the Broncos are running five yards every down everyone will think it's great. If the Broncos are running on 3rd and 6 or 3rd and 9 and things aren't going so well - then the fan's patience might be tested. Of course what's worse than running on 3rd and 9? Turning the ball over on 3rd and 9.

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