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Horse Tracks: Keep on building that chip

The chatter I keep reading about this offseason regarding the AFC West. I enjoy it, but it sure seems like the Denver Broncos have been largely left out of the discussion. I think that bodes well for our 2016 season.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of our time here at MHR is spent talking about the ins and outs of football: run / pass ratio, pass rush efficiency, secondary coverage quality, scrub rookie QBs who aren't going to see the field this year, etc. We talked about all of these things and more last year too on our way to a sweet, sweet Super Bowl victory.

It was the dominating defense.

It was the legend leading the team.

It was the sound leadership of our new coaching staff.

It was Elway's master plan unfolding as he becomes a better GM with each passing year.

Sure, all those things are true, but it was also one other thing that gets easily overlooked: the 2015 Denver Broncos had a very big chip on their shoulders.

Think about the playoff run and how before each game Pittsburgh, New England, and Carolina were each going to wipe the floor with Denver.

So keep it up NFL media, fans, and bloggers. Keep talking about how San Diego, Oakland, and Kansas City are going to be movers and shakers in the playoffs this year. We've seen these paper tigers for years.

We've also seen what this defense does when it constantly gets disrespected. Ask the Panthers about it sometime and what it got them in Super Bowl 50.

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