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Which AFC West player would best fit on the Denver Broncos?

Today’s discussion question is sure to rile up our rivals.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro had an interesting discussion on the Afternoon Drive today that led me to today’s discussion question for ya’ll.

At the beginning of the segment below, the guys discuss three players from the Raiders defense and if they would start on the Broncos. Those players were Sean Smith, Dan Williams, and Bruce Irvin. Two of these guys (Smith and Irvin) were pretty significant free agency pick ups for Oakland this off-season.

I agree with the Afternoon Drive that Sean Smith would not start on the Broncos roster. In fact, he would be my #4 corner on the team behind Roby. Let that sink in for a minute and let’s just gloat on that one. A key free agency acquisition (who is a good player and a good signing for them, by the way) who immediately became their best cornerback on the roster at signing, wouldn’t crack the starting lineup in the “No Fly Zone.”

The next guy they talked about was Dan Williams who I agree could be a decent addition on our line. He could plug in at NT and Sly Williams could move to DE and create the “Williams Wall” on base downs. That would be quite the run stopping package. But Dan Williams would likely rotate in and only play around 50% of the snaps (which is what he played with the Raiders last year).

Lastly, is the new hotshot pass rusher, Bruce Irvin, who was also brought over in free agency this off-season. Here’s another gloating moment. I don’t think Irvin makes the roster on our team! Only if we kept five OLBs would I see him making it as I would put him below our four edge guys.

Call me a homer, but there is just not many places to fit into the #1 defense in the NFL.

Which leads me to the point of the post and the discussion question for us to wrestle with in the comments, and I hope some rival blogs get in on this too.

If you could trade for one player on each AFC West team, who would you pick?

To make this more challenging, let’s exclude the obvious ones. Of course I would take any of their starting QBs right now, no question. And pairing Khalil Mack or Justin Houston with Von Miller would be Madden-esque, but that doesn’t really make for fun discussion.

Another fun thing to play around with is to do the above exercise with other AFC West players and see if you think they would start on our roster.

So there’s your question, let’s dig into it in the comments! Looking forward to seeing what ya’ll have to say.

Bonus listen

What departed player will Denver miss the most? Was Virgil Green the most talented TE on the roster last year?