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Can the Broncos repeat if their offense doesn't improve?

Everyone agrees the Broncos defense should be great again this year. As far as the offense goes . . . many will have to see it before they believe it.

On Wednesday The Afternoon Drive talked with CBS Sports Pete Prisco for an "outside the Denver bubble" discussion of the Denver Broncos.

Prisco on the Broncos chances of repeating:

"It's going to be tough to get back to where they were. I think when you look at the history of this league teams that win with defense, at times if they don't have a good quarterback they have a tendency to fall off the next year. It's going to be tough, but they were really dominant on defense. I think they'll be really good again on defense. Gary Kubiak thinks they'll be better on offense. I'm not so sure, but it's going to be really tough to get back where they were"

While Kubiak thinks the Broncos offense will be better this year Prisco isn't so sure. Prisco is not enamored with the Broncos QB situation (is anyone?) and points to the Seattle Seahawk's success having a lot to do with Russell Wilson in addition to their tough defense.

Everything is speculation right now as far as Sanchez, Lynch, and yes, Siemian is concerned. So it's not surprising that many analysts, including Prisco, aren't going to believe that the Broncos offense will be better this year than last year until they see it.

"Are they going to be a top ten offense with that group? Good luck with that. I don't see it and I think the defense will have to carry them for much of the season."

Prisco thinks some of the Broncos' defensive flaws will be exposed this year, but he isn't singing the "Broncos won't make the playoffs" song. Not yet anyway.

Bonus Listen:

Gary Kubiak told the media that there is no interest in bringing Nick Foles to the Denver Broncos. But it's still fun to ask the question: Would Nick Foles be a good fit for the Broncos? and The Afternoon Drive have partnered to provide quality Denver Broncos coverage in both digital and radio format.