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Broncos 2016 Training Camp: Broncos defensive backs practiced blinders

You may have been wondering what the 'No Fly Zone' was wearing on the practice field.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

You may have noticed the Broncos defensive backs wearing something on their heads during today's opening Training Camp practice of 2016.

The Broncos defensive backs were wearing blinders mostly because of Broncos Defensive Backs Coach Joe Woods. Broncos corner Chris Harris Jr. told reporters that Woods always goes into his bag of tricks to help the players improve and to evolve their game.

"I think those blinders are good. They keep your eyes right and make sure you’re focused on the right target and focusing on your man. It’s something new. Defensive Backs Coach Joe Woods always comes at us with his bag of tricks that help us continue to evolve our game. Joe Woods keeps us on our toes and he challenges us. That’s what you need from your coach."

So what is the purpose of these blinders? Pro Bowl Safety T.J. Ward said the purpose of the blinders was all about focus.

"It’s about focusing on one thing at a time and focusing on what you’re supposed to be focused on. You’re supposed to be reading the quarterback and supposed to have your eyes on the receiver. Just training your eyes."

So what did Head Coach Gary Kubiak think about his defensive backs wearing blinders? He said as a group "they're always doing their own things together", but doesn't know the exact reasoning behind it.

"I don’t know. Some guys like them, some guys don’t. I think there’s something about them as a group that they’re always doing things together."

I think it is cool that they are doing this and "doing their own things together" as a unit. Defensive backs coach Joe Woods is one of the best in the business so there is a method behind his madness.

Also, there might be a bigger meaning behind this. The blinders could represent what the coaches and players need to do this season. Focus on their play and do not let outside distractions and success distract them from their goals this season. That goal being repeating as Super Bowl Champs.