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Report: Von Miller and the Broncos have resumed contract talks

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Some positive news on the Von Miller front.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're in the middle of the dead period when it comes to NFL news, but we are slowly creeping up on one major deadline. That deadline being the July 15th Franchise Tag deadline for outside linebacker Von Miller.

As we know, there was a proposed contract, a declining of the contract, cropping Elway out of photos, Von saying he wouldn't hold out then saying he would hold out, and then doubling down on those by saying he would sit out the season if no new deal was agreed on. So basically the usual blueprint a star Franchise Tagged player follows each offseason.

Now with the deadline a week and a half away, the games will stop and serious talks from both sides will pick up, and apparently that already has started to begin.

According to ESPN's Adam Caplan, the Broncos and Von Miller have had some "communication" in recent days, and that he wouldn't be surprised if they talked again later this week.

The Denver Posts Troy Renck tweeted that the two sides talked last week and over the July 4th weekend about a possible contract.

Mike Klis of 9NEWS Denver added some more info to this by saying that Von Miller has spoken to Elway three different times since the Broncos pulled their contract offer. Once during the White House trip, the Super Bowl ring ceremony, and most recently via phone with team’s chief executive officer and president Joe Ellis also present.

In even more encouraging news, Klis states that the Broncos have had "ongoing discussions" with Von Miller's agent Joby Branion. He states that Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway had a conference call with Joby over the July 4th weekend to discuss Von Miller's deal.

If the two sides cannot come to an agreement on a contract by the July 15th deadline, Miller will either sit out the season or a portion of the season or player the 2016 season under a one-year deal and become a free agent again next season.

I still believe the two sides will find the middle ground and get something done sometime next week. John Elway is a smart man, and Von Miller isn't sitting out any football games. The game of chicken will end, and the Broncos will lock up their Franchise player and their face of the Franchise.

Miller has played five seasons in the NFL and has racked up some impressive numbers. During those five seasons, he has totaled 260 tackles, 60 sacks, 1 interception, and 17 forced fumbles.

Also, in seven career postseason games, Miller has totaled 31 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles,  and1 interception.

So like I said, John Elway is a smart business man and he isn't going to let a player capable of these type of stats to walk or sit out the season and jeopardize the Broncos chances of repeating as Super Bowl Champs.

UPDATE 3:02 MT: Here is the newest update to the continuing Von Miller contract story.