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Caption Contest: Manning isn't worried about Miller signing edition

Is it July 15 yet?

Al Bello/Getty Images

How many articles did you read last year about whether Peyton Manning would return as a Bronco? I bet it's about as many as you have read about whether the Broncos and Von Miller will reach a deal before July 15. Now that it's the beginning of July, I see no reason why either side will sign on the dotted line before the very last second.

But I do think a deal will get done. As do most people. Which is why all this waiting is so annoying.

In fact, the MHR staff have started an informal pool on which day the Miller extension gets done.

So while you are waiting for a resolution give us your best caption to this photo in the comments section. And remember to keep it clean!

On The Afternoon Drive they discussed a comment Peyton Manning recently made to a TMZ "reporter" about the Miller situation.

"I think Von will resign and I do not see that as being a problem at all. I know both sides want to work it out."

Does Manning have any inside info about this negotiation? Of course not. He said something safe and positive. But he's probably right. Let's all hope he is!

For more about Manning's comment check out the clip below:

Last time

Captions with the highest number of recs (I'm sorry I don't have prizes to give away in the offseason!)

With 34 recs - ozark_orange

"Here I sit all broken hearted, on this bench 'cause Sanchez started."

With 33 recs - ksaggie05

"Geez, Mom where are you? Practice was over an hour ago!"

Go Broncos!