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Report: Elway scheduled to sit down with Von Miller today

Sources say that John Elway submitted a new contract proposal to Von Miller’s agent yesterday

Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Sports Spectacular

A few days ago we reported that the Broncos and Von Miller had resumed contract talks, and later, that John Elway had personally reached out to Von to reiterate how important he was to the team.

After Elway spoke with Von, the next move was to begin talking with Von’s agent later this week.

Now, according to Mike Klis, talks have "officially resumed" with John Elway sending a new proposal over to Von Miller’s agent yesterday.

Sources tell 9NEWS the Broncos submitted on Thursday a new contract proposal to Miller’s agent Joby Branion that included "a move’’ in the guaranteed structure of the potential deal. The team and their pass-rushing linebacker had agreed on a six-year, $114.5 million framework deal back on June 7.

The hang up with the original proposal was always the number of years initially guaranteed in the contract. The Broncos original proposal guaranteed the first two years, and Von’s camp wanted the third year guaranteed as well.

The "move" in guaranteed money that Klis mentions could be the third year (2018) of Von’s contract guaranteeing in March of 2017, much like the structure of the recent deal Fletcher Cox signed. But it is all speculation at this point on what is included in the new proposal.

It is good to see some movement on this front, and also to hear that Elway was willing to budge on his original guaranteed number. Things seem like they are coming together nicely for both Super Bowl MVPs.

UPDATE: 12:30pm MT

UPDATE 2:00pm MT

The Broncos and Von Miller and his agent are apparently scheduled to sit down and continue negotiations in person today.

An article from Pro Football Talk elaborated on these meetings.

If this discussion will be a true negotiating session, that’s good news for the Broncos — and bad news for any other team that may have been hoping to snag him in March. True negotiations have not yet occurred in Miller’s case, with the parties simply exchanging proposals absent any real or meaningful communications and discussions about why and how their proposals have been formulated.

When real negotiations happen between people who are operating in good faith and with a common goal to resolve their differences, those differences tend to get resolved. If real negotiations begin in earnest today, an agreement will be reached long before either side would have to rely on the 11th-hour effectiveness of a fax machine.

As the great Samuel L. Jackson once said.