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Update: Broncos up their offer to Miller as Elway is scheduled to meet with Von and agent today

After exchanging proposals this week, both sides are planning to sit down in person to negotiate as the deadline draws closer.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Things are heating up as the franchise tag deadline moves closer. Not only did the Broncos send a new proposal with more guaranteed money yesterday, but now, John Elway, Von Miller and Miller's agent Joby Branion are apparently scheduled to sit down and continue negotiations in person today.

Of course, as always, there are conflicting reports as to how close both sides currently are on a deal.

However, it seems like Denver is doing its best to close that distance based on earlier reports that the Broncos sweetened the deal by moving up the date in which the third year of the deal guarantees, which has been a major sticking point in negotiations.

An article from Pro Football Talk elaborated on the negotiations and speculated that if both sides are talking in earnest, we may see a deal long before the last-minute.

If this discussion will be a true negotiating session, that’s good news for the Broncos — and bad news for any other team that may have been hoping to snag him in March. True negotiations have not yet occurred in Miller’s case, with the parties simply exchanging proposals absent any real or meaningful communications and discussions about why and how their proposals have been formulated.

When real negotiations happen between people who are operating in good faith and with a common goal to resolve their differences, those differences tend to get resolved. If real negotiations begin in earnest today, an agreement will be reached long before either side would have to rely on the 11th-hour effectiveness of a fax machine.

As the great Samuel L. Jackson once said.