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Report: Broncos making a serious push to sign linebacker Von Miller

Von will sleep on the proposal tonight.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

According to 9NEWS Denver's Mike Klis, the Denver Broncos are making a serious push to get a deal done with All-Pro edge rusher Von Miller.

Klis says the Broncos have sweetened their offer not once, but twice in the past 24 hours in hopes of Miller accepting the deal.

The two sides had their differences when it came to the guaranteed money, but Klis says there was a potential breakthrough on this on Friday.

A potential breakthrough in negotiations occurred when the Broncos moved the full guarantee mechanism of their proposed $19 million salary to Miller in 2018 – the third year of their six-year offer – up a year to March of 2017.  The ‘’early trigger’’ all but fully guarantees the third year because with the second year already fully guaranteed, the chances are almost nil the Broncos would release Miller prior to the second year of his deal.

This proposal really got the ball rolling on contract talks because Miller's camp responded with a proposal of their own. Elway responded with another contract proposal which reportedly again upped the guaranteed money part of the contract.

Now this is where things get exciting.

Klis says that Von would "sleep on" the latest offer and the two sides would talk again on Saturday.

The fact that he didn't reject this proposal has to be good news and Allbright's tweet seems to point at this deal getting done in the near future.

Now lets hope we all wake up to news of Von Miller signing a six-year deal in the morning and we all can move on!

Go Broncos!