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Denver Broncos Training Camp Day 5 news and notes

Day five of Broncos Training Camp was another padded practice and one that focused on goal line work.

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Day five of Broncos Training Camp was another padded practice and one that focused on goal line work. We have Mark Sanchez struggling, Paxton Lynch earning praise, rookie nose tackle Kyle Peko stepping up, Emmanuel Sanders being unstoppable, Jordan Taylor getting work with the 1's, news and notes, injury news, and more!

Cornerback Lorenzo Doss pick 6's Mark Sanchez:

It wasn't the greatest day for quarterback Mark Sanchez. In goal line drills with the number one offense facing the number two defense, Sanchez threw a pick 6 to cornerback Lorenzo Doss.

Sanchez who have been very turnover prone during his career can't make mistakes like this if he wants to win the starting quarterback job. It especially hurts when Siemian and Lynch had good days and earned praise from the Head Coach.

Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak commented on Sanchez's red-zone turnover and said, "we can't do that".

"I look at today, I thought offensively we were practicing really good. Then we hit these lull periods. Our quarterback put the ball on the ground. Mark Sanchez threw a pick in the redzone; we can’t do that. I think the competition is excellent."

One of the big things the starting quarterback for the Broncos has to do this year is not turn the ball over. So far, Sanchez has shown he might be the best option right now, but also showing his turnover issues may continue.

Trevor Siemian had a good day despite a slow start

While Sanchez struggled, Siemian had a good day. He started out slow after Jared Crick forced a fumble off Siemian, but finished the day strong.

After Sanchez finished Sunday's practice on a high note and figured to put some space between him and Siemian, he struggled today. Siemian also closed the gap after having himself a better day today.

Kubiak also mentioned that it's comforting to know that Siemian and other quarterbacks would be able to hold his own out there if they were called on.

"A lot of teams end up playing two guys before the year is out. Guys miss some time. It’s nice to know from a confidence standpoint that those guys can go in there and do their job. Look what we went through last year. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know we have three guys working their tail off right now. It’s up to them to take the team over. I think we are going to have three very great quarterbacks."

Eventually, someone has to step up, but so far Kubiak seems pleased with what all three quarterbacks have shown so far.

Kubiak praises Paxton Lynch:

It was another strong practice for the Denver Broncos first-round pick Paxton Lynch. He finished off the day with a 17-yard touchdown to receiver Jordan Taylor for the final play of practice.

On Sunday, Lynch hit multiple deep balls, but today he was just more consistent solid according to Andrew Mason.

Perhaps Lynch's best throw was at the end of practice, when he lofted a fade route to Jordan Taylor that the wide receiver got under, outleaping B.J. Lowery for the 17-yard touchdown. But another example of Lynch's progress is his timing with his receivers, on one late-practice pass to Durron Neal, he timed his throw to where the pass was released as Neal began his break outside; the ball arrived in perfect time and in a spot where it could not be defended. Lynch is also improving at trusting his ability to throw the ball into tight windows, as he did on one pass to Garrett Graham during a team period.

Kubiak raved a bit about Lynch after practice today.

"I think one of the things for sure, is number 12 is really stepping up. He’s making some progress. I think they are all doing a good job. I would say the young kid has just gotten better each and every day."

If Lynch continues to improve, it will only be a matter of time until he enters the starting quarterback conversation.

Jordan Taylor getting work with the 1's:

The summer of sunshine continued again today. He caught a touchdown pass from rookie Paxton Lynch to end practice today and even earned some first team red zone work while Demaryius Thomas sat out a play.

Taylor is fighting for a roster spot with Bennie Fowler, Cody Latimer, Jordan Norwood, Marlon Brown, and others but is off to a strong start.

He had the crazy one-handed catch, multiple diving catches, and deep ball receptions. He is making a case to be the Broncos number three receiver and possibly replace Emmanuel Sanders next season.

He didn't have the best day today, but he did finish the day strong.

Undrafted Rookie NT Kyle Peko stepping up:

Undrafted rookie defensive tackle Kyle Peko earned some praise from Head Coach Gary Kubiak and Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips today.

Kubiak said that rookie nose tackle Kyle Peko "looks like a good player".

"Peko is a good name. He looks like a good player. It is going to be interesting to see how he plays during the preseason. Kilgo needs to continue to step up as a second year player. They are getting plenty of opportunities. That’s been our nick spot. There and tight end have really been missing some guys and are short on numbers. We’ll see. He’s obviously stood out."

Peko is a bit undersized, but Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips was impressed with Peko's deflected pass during team drills.

"I told them that the tallest guy up there made the play. We’ve always stressed that as being able to get your hands up if you’re not able to get there quite in time. It just shows because he’s not a tall guy. I had Jamal Williams at San Diego. He was the same kind of stature and he knocked down a bunch of passes. That’s when I thought, ‘Well gee, anybody can do it if they just work at it,’ so he did a good job today. Peko’s been impressive."

Peko has a good shot to make this team now that the Broncos placed veteran nose tackle Phil Taylor on the season-ending injured reserve. A solid showing during Training Camp will only help Peko's chances of making the team.

Emmanuel Sanders had a big day at practice:

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders did Emmanuel Sanders type things today. He caught a pair of touchdowns from quarterback Trevor Siemian today during red zone work.

If Demaryius Thomas has a bounce back season and Emmanuel Sanders has a big season(contract year) these two could be tough to cover no matter who the quarterback is.

News and Notes:

injury report:

Tweets from practice:


Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips on edge rusher Von Miller

"Von is ready to go. We’ll still wean him in, but I think maybe they thought with no offseason that he wouldn’t be ready physically. It looked like he is to me. He moves tremendously well and he’s working hard at it. He wants to be a leader and that’s important too."

Wade Phillips on edge rusher Shane Ray

"Just keep progressing. He came back with a tremendous attitude and he’s worked hard at it. He’s got ability and we just have to keep working. He’s getting a lot of reps because Von hadn’t been out there very much and DeMarcus Ware hasn’t been out there so he’s gotten the opportunity."