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Paxton Lynch deserves better

Football is back! Broncos Country has spent the entire offseason celebrating a Super Bowl win, while asking questions about the quarterback situation. So when I sat down to watch the first preseason game against the Chicago Bears, all I was really interested in was Paxton Lynch.

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The quarterback saga in Denver is the biggest topic of the preseason. Like the majority fans, the player I wanted to watch the most was Paxton Lynch. He’s the first round quarterback that John Elway traded up to get. He has a big arm, and seemingly limitless potential. They gave him the entire second half.

What they failed to mention was how bad the team around him would be. It was unbelievably frustrating to watch the Denver Broncos offensive line struggle to give Lynch time to throw the ball. The talent was there. He has the arm, can make all the throws, he is mobile, likes to move the pocket, all the cliches that fit.

After just one game I think we can call the starting job for Mark Sanchez. He commanded the pocket, and should do fine in the offense. Trevor Siemian will never be more than what he is, a career backup who can take over the offense in an emergency. No one is ever really going to give him a starting job.

But to watch Lynch against the Chicago Bears was to watch in frustration. It felt like five Michael Schofield’s stepped on my shiny new toy on Christmas morning. It was handoffs and scrambles all night for Lynch, who was rarely given the opportunity to progress through his reads. Even on bootlegs the offense was incapable of giving him any protection.

So, why are we doing this? Why are the Broncos continuing to give Siemian the second team reps? If the starting job really is still up for grabs, then I guess we will get at least one more game with Lynch rolling in the second half with the third string. That seems wasteful. Lynch looked like he could be a stud with a little more talent around him. Siemian did not. He looked like a backup.

It seems as though Lynch is the future, Sanchez is the present, and Siemian is… who cares? The Broncos don’t need to see what they have in the other two quarterbacks. We all know exactly what we saw. So give Lynch the ball with at least the second team.

Let’s see what we have in the future. We already know what we have in the present.