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Horse Tracks: Cody Latimer looks to make a big impact in the passing game this year

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Denver Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer had a big game on Thursday against the Chicago Bears, which shows how far he has come this season.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Denver Broncos had a terrible practice session on Saturday, it did not diminish the glow in Broncos Country from the performance Cody Latimer had in the teams first preseason game against the Chicago Bears.

Latimer attributes his good camp so far to a huge boost in confidence entering his third year in the NFL.

"It’s because I’m confident. I don’t have to do a lot of thinking," said Latimer on Saturday. "I know the offense, so I can just go out there and just run. I don’t have to think so much and worry about things. I just go out there with confidence and make plays."

With Bennie Fowler suffering a fracture in his elbow, Latimer figures to get a boost in reps. Latimer isn’t taking that for granted and is focused more on the work he needs to put into it.

"You never know. It’s camp. Everybody has an opportunity," explained Latimer. "You never know what is going to happen. I just have to keep focusing on me, keep making plays and doing what I can to make this team and get out there on offense."

Latimer never quite felt at ease with Peyton Manning and it seems he is beginning to really grow into his role now that the long shadow of The Sheriff has ridden off into the sunset. With it, Latimer’s expectations changed drastically.

"For me, I pride myself in knowing what I can do," said Latimer. "I know I have to go out there and do something. I’m more focused this year than ever. I’m determined. I know I’m not going to lose when I get out there."

That’s good news for a player on the cusp of being considered a "bust" at the wide receiver position. His play on special teams is still dominant, but if he can expand into a role on the offensive side of the ball it will only help this offense win games.

Keep grinding, Cody!

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