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MHR Live: Day 19 - Siemian takes the reins

Through 19 days of training camp some things seem completely different and some things seem the exact same.

Denver Broncos Sophomore quarterback Trevor Siemian seemingly has taken the 1st team quarterback job (for now at least). The Broncos defense may be without starting defensive end Vance Walker for some extended time, the team and Walker are awaiting an MRI following a knee injury sustained during a drill in camp today.

Chris Harris and Emmanuel Sanders took each other to the ground with fists and shots to one another's jaws, rookie fullback Andy Janovich flipped a blocking sled. Then rookie linebacker Darnell Sankey did the same thing minutes later.  Kapri Bibbs set the bar today for the 2nd team running back role, while Lorenzo Doss and Will Parks shined on team defense.