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Trevor Siemian could be given a shot against the 49ers

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of the Afternoon Drive had a discussion about the Denver Broncos quarterback situation with Mike Pritchard. Pritchard had an interesting point to make about the potential of Trevor Siemian as the starter.

It is no secret that the Sanchez V. Siemian debate can get pretty heated. Pritchard made some interesting points about what the Broncos have in Siemian. If the Broncos are really evaluating the situation and looking to see if he can start, why not give him the start against the San Francisco 49ers?

Pritchard never could bring himself to the point of calling Siemian a better option than Sanchez. They seem like two players who will give the team roughly the same thing. Sanchez has a higher propensity for mistakes. Siemian doesn’t appear to have the skill set to set the house on fire, but he will definitely limit mistakes.

Coming off a Super Bowl victory with arguably the worst starting quarterback play in the history of Super Bowl winners, limiting mistakes is a pretty tempting trait. Pritchard sees the value in that, and thinks starting Siemian against the 49ers would make sense. It would definitely show the coaching staff what he can do.

It is likely that has been the plan all along, with Paxton Lynch continuing to own the second half. Siemian has yet to pass Sanchez on the depth chart. Perhaps Saturday will be his shot.

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