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John Elway drops insight to the Denver QB situation

When John Elway speaks, most in Broncos Country listen. We’d be foolish not to see what he has to say about the current QB situation.

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I came across an interesting story worth some thoughts for MHR over at USA Today. Check it out here.

It is in and of itself an interesting read, but there are some details there that say a lot about the Denver Broncos and the QB situation from none other that Broncos General Manager, John Elway.

No one has the job on lock

From Elway:

I think the key thing is to be patient with it, stay objective, and that’s why I’m not trying to sit there and keep putting them in an order but wait through the third preseason game and see if somebody jumps out at you.

We aren’t interested in picking a guy and doing everything we can to make it work. The team direction looks to me here to be one from the coaches that I love: watch, analyze, and make data driven decisions on what is best for the team.

Mark Sanchez is the logical start given his experience.

Trevor Siemian has shown a lot of promise and appears worth the long look to see if that promise can turn into deliverables on game day.

Paxton Lynch was drafted to be the future of the franchise. You wouldn’t think he’d have the goods to start in year 1 of his career right?

Elway on what he is looking for

“I think a lot of that goes to a guy that’s natural, that has ‘it,’...Nobody’s ever been able to explain exactly what ‘it’ is, but it’s somebody that knows how to play the position and can go out and react and is natural in that position. And you can see it when they go out there and react to what they see and put the ball in certain spots and make plays in situations that no one else can make.

That’s what separates the great ones from the good ones.”

This can’t be said more perfectly. I have always thought Elway was the greatest QB in the NFL because of this very thing. He had, “It.” His play on the field was the closest thing to magic that I’ve seen at times.

The team in the long term isn’t looking for a QB who is a “game manager”. The team is looking for a QB who has “it.”

No Bull Thoughts

What does this tell me today? First off, that none of these QBs has separated themselves as “The Man” yet at Dove Valley and the coaches are absolutely in no hurry for that decision to happen.

It also tells me this on Mark Sanchez: He isn’t a long-term plan so far. This makes it unlikey that he’ll finish the season if he even starts it. He’s a solid veteran backup and I think he can be a decent enough starter, but the “it” factor isn’t there or Kubiak would have already had him penned at the #1 QB spot.

For Trevor Siemian, this is probably his best NFL shot right now and the pressure is on. I have yet to see much evidence of “it” from him, but if he is going to bring it, this year is the time.

Finally, Paxton Lynch is no shoe in to be the starter week 1, let alone the rest of the year. Nevertheless, when I read between the lines of what is happening on the field at training camp and what is being said by Kubiak and Elway, it leads me to one conclusion: the team sees something in Paxton Lynch and has since they started scouting him prior to this year’s draft.

The decision is in Kubiak’s court

Here’s a great closing thought from Elway:

“Hopefully, in the next couple weeks here, one of those guys pokes their head out and takes the lead and makes the decision easy, but I think Gary’s got a good idea of what he wants and what he likes.

He’s dealt with that before, and so I trust the decision he’ll make.”

GM’s manage. Coaches coach. This is the way it is supposed to be. Let Kubiak take whatever time he sees fit to get the right choice made.

In the meantime, take a deep breath and be patient, Broncos Country. We’ll see what Kubiak comes up with in a few weeks.