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Trevor Siemian: "Making the most of our reps"

Only Kubiak knows who the Broncos starting QB will be on Saturday. One thing we do know - Trevor Siemian is getting a lot of media attention this week.

On today's Afternoon Drive Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro talked with Broncos QB Trevor Siemian. They asked Siemian if he thought he would start on Saturday, and Siemian showed once again that he learned a think or two about handling the press from Peyton Manning by saying a lot of things positive things, while not directly answering the question.

Siemian had more to say than "I haven't really thought about that" or "I'm taking it one day at a time" when asked his thoughts on training camp overall and his relationship with the other quarterbacks, especially Mark Sanchez.

"It's been a great camp for us. And going into the 2nd preseason game we're kind of getting into playing a little longer and making the most of our reps and I think it's been a good camp so far."

"Mark's been awesome the whole way through. One thing I probably haven't said enough is I've learned a ton from Mark. He's played quite some time in this league and it's a good opportunity for me to pick up some things on him and he's been great. Paxton as well, so we've got a good group and we have a lot of fun together."

After the interview Eric and Les discuss who they think will start on Saturday and the idea of cutting Mark Sanchez (and how foolish that idea is).

Bonus Listen

The Broncos dominated the 49ers in their joint practice today.