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Video: The Hall of Fame voters showed immense bias in not nominating Pat Bowlen

Warning: Brandon Perna is very angry over Pat Bowlen's exclusion from the Pro Football Hall of Fame and drops plenty of f-bombs in this video. Don't worry, it's all justified.

That's Good Broncos breaks down the last week Denver Broncos training camp, including the joint practice sessions with the San Francisco 49ers. Naturally, we got a big piece of Von Miller's new Madden 17 music video, which is basically awesome.

After that, Brandon Perna gets to the Pat Bowlen snub. His rant on Bowlen and the Hall of Fame was OUTSTANDING and every Broncos fan should give it a listen. It is outrageous that the Hall of Fame subcommittee decided to nominate both Jerry Jones and Paul Tagliabue over Pat Bowlen given the overall contributions to the NFL and Bowlen's current health situation.

I'm with Perna, F-U to the Hall of Fame voters. You've earned it.