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Broncos waive Shaneil Jenkins, sign Lars Koht

The Broncos apparently have an affinity for players named Lars.

NCAA Football: Florida International at Florida Atlantic Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos announced a roster move today as they signed undrafted free agent Lars Koht, defensive lineman from Florida International University, and waived Shaneil Jenkins to make room.

Koht was originally signed after the draft by the Seattle Seahawks who cut him nine days later.

According to the Broncos website, Koht played “12 games in 2015 for the Panthers and recorded 47 tackles, eight tackles for loss, four sacks and a forced fumble. Koht spent rookie minicamp with the Seattle Seahawks. He will wear No. 69 with the Broncos.”

At 6’5” 283 lbs, Lars is likely a better scheme fit than Jenkins who played the majority of his college career at edge rusher as opposed to interior D-line.

Interesting tidbit on Koht, he is reportedly a black belt in karate and says martial arts helps him with football.

“Because I always have to watch an offensive lineman’s hands,” Koht said. “It definitely helps.”

“It’s discipline,” Koht said. “(Karate) is about everything. It’s about focus. Hand-eye (coordination). It’s about (things) overall — not just how you play football, but it helps in you in life as well. Because one of the first things in the teaching is he’s not teaching you how to go out and be a bully, he’s teaching you how to control yourself, how to control your anger, how to control your emotions. Which anyone can use in everyday life, not just in karate.”

Recent NFL players from Florida International University include wide receiver, T. Y. Hilton, and safety, Jonathan Cyprien.