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The Denver Broncos have a solid tight end in Virgil Green

The tight end question for the Denver Broncos appears to have found its answer in Virgil Green. He has proven he can carry the load in Gary Kubiak’s passing game.

NFL: Preseason-San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Veteran tight end Virgil Green is finally getting the opportunity he has sought to become the pass catching tight end the Denver Broncos are looking for. With four catches for 57 yards against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, he has strongly made his case.

Not that he ever doubted that he could be the answer the Broncos were looking for at tight end, but it seemed like every year he would be passed over for some other tight end in the passing game.

“It’s always been me,” Green said of improving as a pass-catcher. “I’m getting more opportunities now and I’m taking advantage of them. I just have to keep building on those things, get better and let things take their course.”

In two preseason games (and roughly an actual game’s worth of work), Green has seven catches for 83 yards from whatever quarterback is throwing the ball. He has separated himself from the tight end field.

It’s all about expectations for Green. This is clearly his best chance to make his case in the pass game and he isn’t wasting the opportunity.

“I do feel good. But for me, I do have high expectations,” said Green. “I definitely know what other guys have done in the league and what I would like to do. I’ve just got to get better and keep consistently doing things, catching the ball, running good routes and doing well in the run game. I think things will go well for me.”

Green has always been stout in the run game, so having him become the every down starter at tight end catching passes as well is a good thing. It will add a dimension of disguise for the offense as defenses will no longer assume its like a running play if Green is in the game and that is a good thing.