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Horse Tracks: Despite reports, Broncos quarterback sitaution clearer going into game three

When the final seconds of Super Bowl 50 ticked away, Broncos Country knew it was coming. For the fourth time since Mike Shanahan retired, the Broncos quarterback position would face uncertainty. The Cutler tantrum, Orton's mediocrity, Tebow-mania, and Brock's tantrum have given birth to Siemian, Sanchez, and Lynch. Following game two of the preseason, this current quarterback picture is clearer than it has been all offseason.

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What all Denver Broncos fans want, besides solid quaterback play, is clarity. Going into preseason game two, discord among fans over Trevor Siemian, Mark Sanchez, and Paxton Lynch was as high as it's ever been during times of quarterback uncertainty.

From the beginning, I've reserved judgement. I loved watching Siemian unseat Zac Dysert as the third quarterback on the roster last year. When Mark Sanchez was acquired in a trade with the Eagles, I thought it was a shrewd move that could payoff. I applauded drafting Paxton Lynch, and believed he is the future of the Broncos at the quarterback position. There has to be one among them who is capable enough to take over.

Three quarterbacks, who starts?

Unlike many (all?') of the Mile High Report  staff, I am not anti-Siemian. In the last two games he has dinked and dunked his way into being a safe call at quarterback if needed. Unfortunately for Trevor, vanilla quarterback play causes fans to recall the blah-years of Kyle Orton and not the juggernaut years of Elway and Manning. Siemien and his willingness to check-down has made him a safe, but not sexy pick. Can he win games? Probably. Is he the best quarterback on the roster. No.

The second half of Saturday's game showed that Paxton Lynch is the best quarterback of the three. With a offensive line and receivers composed primarily of folks who will be shoving the contents of their lockers in to trash bags and vacating the building when the season starts, Lynch did an admirable job moving the ball. It's not a bold take to declare that Lynch should start in game three. Everyone who watched the game on Saturday saw the same thing. Lynch had great pocket awareness, mobility, accuracy, and commanded the ball all over the field. What more does a quarterback have to do to ascend the depth chart?

So what about Mark Sanchez?

I really wanted it to work out with Mark. Nobody wanted him to succeed more than me. I thought the 'Butt-fumble' moniker was unfair and chose to focus on the two AFC Championships he made it to. After two games watching Sanchez consistently turn the ball over and make horrific choices, I've seen enough.

Sure, Sanchez has flirted with accuracy and poise, but when he gets rattled, the walls come crashing down on top of him. Jay Cutler would get happy feet and throw interceptions - you can't have that. Orton would just make terrible decisions, he couldn't help it. When under pressure, Mark Sanchez panics. In fact, 'panic' doesn't accurately describe what happens to Sanchez. It's like his brain shuts off and his arms and legs operate independently of themselves. When he scrambles, he doesn't hold on to the ball. When Sanchez throws the ball, his feet aren't set and the ball's destination becomes shockingly unimportant.

Sanchez is like your little brother going out on his first date. You spend all this time getting him prepped and ready to go. You helped him buy nice clothes, taught him the art of small talk, and how to woo with confidence. When the time comes to pull out his date's chair, he bashes his forehead into the light fixture, vomits on those fancy clothes, faints onto table, and knocks everything on top of himslelf on his way to the floor.

I have given up on Mark Sanchez.. The benefit of the doubt I gave him over his 'butt-fumble' reputation has evaporated. There was an 'Aha' moment in the game on Sunday. It was that Mark Sanchez is not qualified to a quarterback of the Denver Broncos on any level.


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