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The Broncos have some decisions to make at QB

Guess what? This is another Denver Broncos quarterback article. The guys at the Afternoon Drive had an interesting conversation about the Broncos’ quarterback situation. With Mark Sanchez fumbling the starting job over to Trevor Siemian, do they have a controversy under center or a problem?

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro discussed the Broncos’ issues at quarterback. With all the hype surrounding Paxton Lynch, and fans in Broncos Country choosing sides heading into the second preseason game, it was inevitable that the waters might get a little murkier.

Sanchez struggled in ways that are becoming far too familiar. Head coach Gary Kubiak seems to have made his decision about who will be the starter heading into the season opener. Siemian will start the third preseason game, which usually means he will be the guy. For Lynch, that means waiting a little longer to get the start. That may not be such a bad thing. With a few more games under his belt, Lynch could be the guy. For now, safe and reliable seems to be the key.

But Goodman introduced a conspiracy wrinkle to the discussion. Kubiak mentioned that Siemian was dealing with a sore shoulder. Does that build in an excuse to put in the rookie? It would certainly open the door to a move, and eliminate any controversy that could come with it.

The way Siemian and Sanchez played against the 49ers may give Kubiak the opening he needs to put in Lynch. For all the Siemianites versus Sanchezian talk, it looks like Lynch deserves a shot. He may not get it week one, but there is a whole lot of football after that.

Bonus Listen:

Mike Pritchard joined the Afternoon Drive. He says all is good in Denver, and everyone should be excited about the upcoming season. No controversy, no problem, just football.