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Von Miller is the new face of Old Spice

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The Super Bowl MVP adds another endorsement to a long list of companies wanting to cash in on his super-stardom.

Old Spice

We no longer have a good reason to sing the Nationwide jingle now that our favorite chicken parm-loving quarterback has retired.

But thanks to our favorite chicken farmer’s new deal with Old Spice, we will be able to sing (whistle?) another infamous tune.

Von Miller, Super Bowl MVP and Cha Cha dancer extraordinaire, has been tapped as the new Old Spice guy for the brand's 2016-17 NFL campaign.

The four-time All-Pro has joined forces with the No. 1 male deodorant and body wash brand in the U.S. to represent its Greatest Smell in the NFL Hardest Working Collection - "legendary protection for legendary men."

The Broncos linebacker is definitely legendary and his offbeat offseason has proved it - from joining Dancing with the Stars to a doing a national promo for EAMadden, creating his own line of OddSox and now repping Old Spice, the manliest grooming brand on the planet.

Given Old Spice’s penchant for wacky ads, the partnership with Miller seems like a perfect fit.

Most Broncos fans will only care that as Miller enters his sixth season, the Pro-Bowler has another dominant year in which the sack dances are as plentiful as his endorsements.

But the quarterbacks he runs into the ground may be extremely happy that one of those endorsements includes the country’s No. 1 deodorant brand with "dirt destroyer" body wash and "sweat defense" or "odor blocker" anti-perspirants.