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Demaryius Thomas has one beautiful, shiny retort for Josh Norman’s big mouth

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The guy who is a legend in his own mind tried talking trash to Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas. If he owned a Super Bowl 50 ring, it might not have been laughed at.

NFL: Super Bowl 50-Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The trash-talkers just never learn.

Josh Norman - the big-mouthed cornerback currently playing for the Washington Redskins but formerly of the team better known as the Von Miller’s whipping boy in the Super Bowl - told ESPN he was not just the best cornerback in the league but “on earth.”

That’s a mighty confident claim but nevertheless debatable. I mean, he is pretty good even if he can’t shut his mouth.

But then he had to go and spout off that he “shut down” Demaryius Thomas in the Super Bowl.

Now that’s just unreasonable.

Sure DT only caught one pass for eight yards, but it’s a little rich for Norman to think that he was the sole reason for Thomas’ lack of production - especially when No. 88 has said he did not have a great season. And Norman apparently forgot about his defensive holding penalty that helped Broncos get their only offensive touchdown of the game.

If I were claiming to be the best on earth, I wouldn’t be bragging about shutting anyone down when I walked out of there the 24-10 loser.

So just like DT ultimately got the best of Norman in the Super Bowl by being on the right team, he got the best of the loud mouthed cornerback again today with the most beautiful retort ever: