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Jordan Taylor has been a bright spot in Broncos camp so far

The Denver Broncos preseason has consisted of quarterback squabbles and affirmation of how great this defense can be. The offense is probably still a work in progress, but there has been a true bright spot throughout camp. Shall we call it a ray of Sunshine?

NFL: Denver Broncos-Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Taylor spent most of the 2015 season as Peyton Manning’s personal pass catcher while Manning healed his plantar fascia. Manning bought him a suit, and he became the center of a feel good story that culminated in a Super Bowl win. Last year Taylor was an important piece of a nice story.

This year Taylor has become a bright spot in a tumultuous training camp that has seen fans pick sides at quarterback. We haven’t seen this amount of animosity surrounding the quarterback position since the days of Tebowmania.

Sunshine has had the effect of driving out the QB rainclouds. Fans all over Broncos Country have fallen in love with his acrobatics. His catches in practice give people shivers, and he looks like a preferred target in games. Surprisingly, the Broncos could be deepest at wide receiver, and Taylor has taken up residence in the hearts of the fans.

While many of us enjoyed the Jordan Taylor story last season, few of us believed he would ever be more than a footnote in the PFM saga in Denver. Now, Taylor is building his own Denver story. Through two preseason games he has yet to score, but his five catches for 80 yards have shown his ability on the field. All three quarterbacks seem to like throwing him the football, and fans enjoy his enthusiastic play.

Since his big time catch in training camp at the end of July, and through the first two preseason games, Sunshine has created a niche for himself in Denver. There is no question that Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are the main threats, but Taylor, along with Cody Latimer and Bennie Fowler, has given the Broncos some serious depth at the position.

While the Siemian fans and the Lynch fans argue about who should start, it is nice to have a ray of Sunshine every now and then.