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Report: Broncos trying to trade Mark Sanchez to the Dallas Cowboys

Could the Sanchize be heading to Dallas?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

According to NFL Network's Jane Slater who covers the Dallas Cowboys, the Denver Broncos are talking to the Dallas Cowboys about potentially trading Mark Sanchez to them.

It was reported earlier today by Pro Football Talk that the Broncos were shopping Sanchez around after naming Trevor Siemian the starting quarterback earlier today. Also, first round rookie Paxton Lynch has passed Sanchez on the depth chart so it made him expendable. Parting ways with Sanchez would save the Broncos $3.5 million dollars and they also would avoid giving up a 2017 7th round draft pick to the Philidelphia Eagles.

Many assumed that Sanchez would stick around to be the veteran presence among to two inexperienced guys, but Kubiak told reporters after practice today that he has to "let that go".

"I have to let go of the fact that there is no experience with two of them. I have to go off of what I’ve seen them do and how I’ve seen them handle themselves and the football team. That’s what I’m going to do."

So would the Cowboy's actually trade for Sanchez? They already lost starting quarterback Tony Romo with yet another injury(broken bone in his back) but have preseason Hall of Famer Dak Prescott leading the way and feel comfortable starting him. Sanchez would provide them a veteran to help Dak along and provide depth while Romo heals up.

However, a trade does seem unlikely for a few reasons.

One, the Broncos are likely parting ways with Sanchez either way. I think they're floating out the "pay cut" option to make it seem like he can stay, but I'm not sure anyone buys it. So the Cowboys could call the Broncos bluff and just sign him at a much cheaper rate than he currently is going for. The other reason is other veteran quarterbacks are likely to hit the market in the next 24 hours and probably more after the second round of cuts. So Jerry Jones(lol this isn't going to happen) could stay patient and just sign whoever hits the market without giving up a draft choice.

Either way, it seems like the Sanchize's time in Denver was a bust and is coming to an end rather quickly. As I said in an earlier article I expect another quarterback to be signed here in the coming days to serve as the third string/emergency quarterback during the season. We can speculate on who, but it could be a veteran to help the two inexperienced guys along, or another developmental guy they stash on the Practice Squad or keep as the third string QB.