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Von Miller volunteers to host family of boy with cerebral palsy at camp

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A little boy’s dream to meet Von Miller might just come true at camp today.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The great thing about having Von Miller around for another six years is that we get watch all his amazing actions on the field. Perhaps more importantly though, is getting to watch his amazing actions off the field.

Enter Mathew Stanwood, a young boy from Colorado with cerebral palsy, who is apparently a huge Broncos fan. His mother recently reached out to Von Miller and the Broncos via Twitter to try and have Von meet her son while he was in Aurora at the Children’s hospital for an appointment. She tweeted this out on Sunday night.

It seemed like a long shot. But then, last night...

Be on the lookout for Mathew if you are going to camp today. And bring tissues!

This is what the “Face of the Franchise” does around the community. Von Miller is one solid dude.