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Broncos training camp: Day 7 live blog, Twitter feed, and more

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We have learned a lot through the first six days of Broncos training camp. It will be interesting to see how the coaching staff shakes things up today.

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Through the first six days we have learned that the Denver Broncos defense is going to be otherworldly again in 2016, which has caused many of us to begin really focusing in on the offensive side of the ball. All eyes will be on the quarterbacks today.

The word is that Mark Sanchez has pulled slightly ahead of Trevor Siemian in terms of production in practice and that was even with a pick six from Sanchez on Monday. Meanwhile, Paxton Lynch is earning praise from head coach Gary Kubiak as the rookie has been dominant with the third string so far. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts getting some reps with the first or second teams soon.

Catch up on the first five day's of training camp from our daily reports:

Broncos Training Camp Live Updates

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