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What is the excitement level at the QB position

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The Afternoon Drive is just as concerned as everyone else about the Broncos quarterback situation. Then they briefly discuss Terrance Knighton’s newfound availability.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro are less than excited about the prospects in Denver at quarterback. At the end of the day it comes down to trust. Ignoring the fact that Paxton Lynch is likely the future, the question becomes who can hold down the fort until Lynch is ready?

Trevor Siemian has been named the starter for week one, and Mark Sanchez looks expendable. At this point, Gary Kubiak is going with the guy who he can trust more. Siemian has been far from lights out. He had a couple throws against San Francisco and Los Angeles that probably should have gone for six in the opposite direction. He is Checkdown Charlie at times. All that "meh," and Sanchez still fumbled his way out of the starting job. The numbers for Sanchez weren’t terrible, but ball control is just too important.

The Broncos are going to roll with a guy who won’t register any higher than "um… OK" on the excitement scale, but it probably won’t go any lower than, "dang it." That could change, but will it change soon enough for Siemian to hold off Lynch all season?

Bonus Listen

Les thinks the Broncos are looking for another quarterback, and possibly one that could start.