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Sanchez wants to remain a Bronco, help team any way he can

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The once-presumed starting quarterback is still a competitor and wants to play, but he knows what it means to be a professional - even if that’s as a backup.

There’s a reason Gary Kubiak praised Mark Sanchez for being a hard worker and a great teammate.

Because he is remaining both even in the face of getting demoted and possibly cut or traded.

“I want to be here. I love being here. I’ve gotten to know these guys and embrace this community. I’ve had a great time here. Who knows about anything on the outside; I’m focused on getting ready for Carolina,” Sanchez said Monday after practice, adding that he hires an agent to take care of the business. “I’ve been hit up a lot with questions about contract or trades and there is a business side to this, but I’m just focused on playing. That’s why you hire an agent.”

So whether the once-presumed starting quarterback rides the bench for the Broncos this season or finds a new team, his professionalism while going through a tight quarterback competition should not be overlooked.

Trevor Siemian was announced QB1 for Week 1 and Sanchez has been relegated to the scout team to help the starters get ready for the Panthers while the backups prepare for the last preseason game against the Cardinals.

“As a competitor you’re disappointed that things went the way that they did, but you also understand that there’s an emotional side to it and a competitor side, then there’s also a teammate side,” Sanchez said, adding that he respects the organization and his teammates, especially Trevor – as a friend, a player and teammate.

Sanchez also told reporters he had no knowledge of any trade deals or whether the Broncos planned to cut him.

“The most important thing to do is move forward and help this team and whatever that means,” he said, joking that he uses “jedi mind tricks” to block out distractions while preparing for an uncertain future. “I don’t need that affecting how I prepare and affecting any kind of decisions you make on the field and affect any way that you can help this team. I don’t need to be thinking about, ‘Well man, should I be here? Should I work out hard? Should I try? I have to be here. I have to be in the moment and I have to be focused. I think that’s fair to the other players.”

Sanchez noted that he has really appreciated the forthrightness from Kubiak regarding the quarterback competition and how the coach would go about making decisions.

“This organization has been first class,” the veteran QB said. “It was totally straight forward and man-to-man and, ‘Hey, this is the direction that we’re going to head. Hey, you’re not going to play in this third game, we’re not going to put you in there at the end.’ He explained everything and I really appreciate that.”

So until Sanchez hears differently, he’s a Bronco and he’s helping the team get ready for a big challenge on opening day.

“You just have to focus on the positive things and the great team we have and the big challenge that we have coming up and a big challenge for Trevor,” he said. “What would I want in that situation, how has he helped me, how has he supported me? And you’ve got to do that and reciprocate those actions. I think that’s the right thing to do.”