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Broncos training camp position battles: Quarterback

While you were arguing about Trevor Siemian and Mark Sanchez, Paxton Lynch flew right under the radar.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There it is, live from my mother’s basement on June 1st, 2016. I had been calling my shot since April, there was simply no way that Denver confidently rushed to sign Mark Sanchez and then flirted with nearly every single available (and not so available) quarterback in free agency.

The Denver Broncos wanted needed Paxton Lynch, and not only because they need a starting quarterback to win from here on, they needed the cap relief. A first round quarterback on a rookie contract for the next five years?

Yes, please.

Denver has enough money next season to re-sign the droves of free agents that the team has scheduled to hit the market this offseason?

Even more yes, pleases.

Especially if it means that Emmanuel Sanders is coming back at a hometown discount. John Elway just won a Super Bowl, not sure if you witnessed that Von Miller stare down this offseason, but thinking differently is irrelevant, John Elway won that staredown and by a lot.

And he won at drafting a first round quarterback too. I thought that he was going to have to go way earlier in the draft for Lynch, he waited and waited and severely ticked of Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones in the meantime.

The Broncos are covered, Paxton Lynch has got them. For years.

Tuesday (8/2) the NFL Network aired a Terrell Davis interview one-on-one with Gary Kubiak following practice on Monday (8/1). Davis asked Kubiak if Lynch had a legitimate shot at starting to which Kubiak replied, "Were you watching practice?"

Classic avoidance, Coach Kubiak. Answering a question with a question. He's probably not even allowed to say that Lynch is the clear starter, this is why he gets his own practice field to himself while the Broncos figure out who the scout team quarterback is going to be based on who has the most success against the first team defense.

Hey, that's what training camp is for!

I don't really write from my mother's basement. She doesn't even have a basement.

You don't work on this floor!

Mark Sanchez will be the best looking backup quarterback in the NFL for exactly four weeks.

And that's only because that's when Tom Brady* is pardoned by Commissioner Goodell four-games into the season and Jimmy Garoppolo returns to the bench.

I heard a good one the other day, "Josh Gordon, LeVeon Bell and Tom Brady walk into a bar..."

"They watch the first four weeks of the NFL season."

Locked In:

Paxton Lynch, Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian

I know exactly how they've done it, but the Broncos have managed to pay only $6.761 million dollars, that's 4.55% of their total cap space on quarterbacks.


Do we really want to trade for Drew Brees and his $30 million dollar cap hit? Really?

My dog's name is Peyton and even she says that's rough.

Likely Candidates:

Paxton Lynch, Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian

Which one of these dudes do you want to hit the waiver wire? Mark Sanchez is already on the final year of his contract, Trevor Siemian is locked into whatever role he has this season. He's as good if not better than most backup quarterbacks in the NFL.

And if you didn't notice by Brock Osweiler's gaudy contract this offseason, Kubiak trained quarterbacks are something teams are willing to spend stupid amounts of money on. Case Keenum is another solid example.

On The Bubble:

I don't know, Sanchez could be if he injures his finger over another weekend. None of these guys are on the bubble, if for some really dumb reason there was a trade market for any of them I would have to guess it would be teams willing to take a flyer on Trevor Siemian.

Final Prediction:

I certainly hope that if you've made it this far into this column that you see that I'm a big proponent of Lynch starting this season. I am talking Week One against the Carolina Panthers at home. What would be a bigger story than the Broncos drafting a quarterback in the first round that imitated his game based on an idolization of Cam Newton? That on top of the drama of the Super Bowl 50 rematch and Miller again getting to embarrass Newton nationally.

Why does Miller hate Newton so much? Miller must have wanted to be the first pick overall so bad, he hates that guy. Sack him three times in a row in the Pro Bowl hate.

And if Gary Kubiak doesn't want need Paxton Lynch to be the starter as soon as possible then why was he riding him so hard at camp on Wednesday?