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Virgil Green put on a clinic during Denver Broncos training camp on Thursday

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The Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro caught up with Virgil Green after his big day catching touchdowns on Thursday.

The Denver Broncos training camp start on Thursday was tight end Virgil Green who hauled in four touchdown passes during the seven-on-seven practice session, earning praise from everyone in attendance, including head coach Gary Kubiak.

"Virgil was the red-hot player out there today. What a day he had," Kubiak said. "We have a program we are working on with Virgil. We are trying to keep him healthier than we have in the past. I think he's responded."

The tight end position is a big part of what Kubiak likes to do offensively, so having a veteran like Green fully healthy and ready to contribute in the passing game is going to be huge for this team.

Bonus Listen

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