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Denver Broncos training camp: Day 10 live blog, Twitter feed, and more

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We have learned a lot through the first nine days of Broncos training camp. So far, no clear starter has been found at quarterback.

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Very little happened in yesterday's practice sessions of note, at least from the thing fans are most curious about. That would be at the quarterback position. Although Trevor Siemian took most of his snaps against the first team defense, while Mark Sanchez was facing the second team defense. That would have been more interesting had most of the defensive veterans not received the day off.

Paxton Lynch also got some first team reps in, which is significant for his development. There is still no clear separation between the three quarterbacks, which makes Thursday's game against the Chicago Bears all important for determining who is actually on track to take the starting quarterback job.

Catch up on the first five day's of training camp from our daily reports:

Broncos Training Camp Live Updates

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