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Denver Broncos Training Camp Day 10 news and notes

Day 10 of Denver Broncos Training Camp will be the last padded practice before they head to Chicago.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Day 10 of Denver Broncos Training Camp is now in the books. It was the last padded practice before the team travels to Chicago to take on the Bears on Thursday. The Broncos have tomorrow off, so we will have to wait until Monday for news and notes. Today we have Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch outplaying Sanchez, Deonvtae Booker looking good, undrafted rookie linebacker Kyle Kragen keeps making plays, an update on the kick/punt return battle, more praise for the receivers, an injury update, news and notes, and more!

Siemian and Lynch > Sanchez today

Today was the last padded practice before the Broncos head to Chicago to take on the Bears on Thursday night, and it wasn't a good one for Mark Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez:

Sanchez was picked off by cornerback Bradley Roby in what would have been a pick 6 during the Broncos 11 on 11 drills today. This is now Sanchez's second pick 6 in a week. The first one came last weekend when Lorenzo Doss went 1-2 yards for a touchdown.

These type of mistakes have haunted Sanchez throughout in NFL career and while many hoped they would disappear once he joined the Broncos, it doesn't appear to be the case right now.

Kubiak said he talked to Sanchez about limiting his mistakes

"I want guys to be aggressive. I can tell you right now, as a coach, one of the things I’m coaching Mark on is when plays get extended, sometimes plays get long and some of his decision process needs to be better. That’s something we are working on. I want them to be aggressive and go make plays. Obviously the responsibility of protecting the game, not just the ball, but the game is part of their position. You have to be a good decision maker. We’re working on those things with all three of them."

Also, In an earlier 7 on 7 drills, Sanchez went 1-6 against the first team defense. So it wasn't a great day for the Broncos "assumed" starting quarterback.

What also hurt Sanchez was the Broncos two young quarterbacks outperformed him today. Trevor Siemian and rookie Paxton Lynch outperformed the veteran quarterback today.

Trevor Siemian:

Siemian outplayed Sanchez today but has been playing against the 2nd team more than the 1st team. This really has been the case for the past few days actually. Could this be Siemian starting to outplay Sanchez? Or Sanchez just looking that bad?

Siemian played well in the red zone today and connected on multiple touchdowns to multiple receivers, so it was a good day for him.

One concern I still have about Simeian is that he holds  the ball a bit too long. In camp the quarterback can't be hit, so he can continue on with the play despite taking a "sack". This has been noted by a few people attending camp, so I'm interested to see if he does this on Thursday. The O-line is banged up and live bullets will be flying so we will see.

Paxton Lynch:

The Broncos rookie had another good day as well. He played with the third team offense and continued to make plays and score touchdowns.

He continued to show progression in his game and show off his athleticism. He ran for a touchdown in a red zone drill and continued to show he has the best bootleg ability of the three quarterbacks. It just comes naturally to the young quarterback.

Devontae Booker had a great day

The Broncos rookie running back continue to have a good Training Camp.

Booker has looked strong and smooth throughout camp and is showing why the Broncos had him rated as the 2nd highest back in the draft.

Booker had a few touchdowns in the rushing and passing games today, and even broke a few long runs. I'm excited to see him in action next week.

Booker figures to be the "1B" to C.J Anderson, but he will need to solidify that role during the preseason. If he continues to shine, the question will be how many carries does he take from Anderson during the season?

Kyle Kragen keeps making plays

Undrafted rookie linebacker Kyle Kragen stood out some today during today's padded practice. He forced two fumbles from running back/fullback Juwan Thompson

As the tweet says, a coach then shouted: "You just keep making plays, Kragen". When a player like Kragen who is on the outside looking in gets complimented by a coach, we should start taking some notice.

The undrafted rookie has been playing some inside linebacker and edge rusher during camp and now figures to be a defensive player to watch during the Broncos preseason. A solid performance could push him into a Practice Squad spot on the Broncos.

Kick/punt return battle

The Broncos kick and punt return battle continued today and cornerback Taurean Nixon is becoming a guy to watch in this battle. He earned practice from Broncos Special Teams Coach Joe DCamillis today.

It was also interesting to see Cody Latimer get the first crack at kickoff return work today/ These backup receivers will need to make their mark on Special Teams if they want to make the team.

Rookie wide receiver Bralon Addison looks like the smoothest and most explosive returner, but may not offer the most in the passing game.

Fellow rookie wide receiver/returner Kalif Raymond muffed a couple punts today so that's never good this late into Camp.

Kubiak continues to praise Bennie Fowler and Cody Latimer

Another day and another day where Gary Kubiak continues to praise Wide receiver Bennie Fowler.

Kubiak told reporters that we're watching Fowler turn into a "really" good player and the difference between Latimer this year compared to last year is "night and day'.

"You really find out what they are capable of at wide out. You guys are watching Bennie Fowler become a really good player. Be watching him every day, because he goes against good people. Cody Latimer is night and day right now.

The Broncos wide receiving battle is a tough one, but it appears it is starting to sort itself out before the start of the preseason.

New and notes

injury report:

  • Tackle Donald Stephenson sat out today's practice.
  • Guard/tackle Ty Sambrailo missed another practice(elbow) and still is wearing that bulky elbow brace.
  • Tight end Jon Phillips missed another practice due to an ankle injury.
  • Center Matt Paradis was down on the field for a bit, but did return to the field quickly. Kubiak said he just lost his breath for a bit.

Tweets from practice

Notable quotes

Kubiak on the development of Trevor Siemian

"Every time you all ask me that, I think my answer is the same. I don’t think I use the word surprise, but I think I’m excited watching him become a player. He’s very confident. He knows exactly what we are doing. He’s really a first year player in a lot of ways. You see him getting better. He had a really good practice today. Trevor is just a confident kid. He carries himself confidently [and he’s] pretty quiet. The more he continues to play, the better he is going to be. It’s a good opportunity for him to compete and become a better player. He’s doing a good job."

Kubiak on Michael Schofield's progress

"Right now Michael can play anywhere but center. If you were a Super Bowl starter and all of a sudden you were a backup going to camp, a lot of guys would [be] bothered. They’d go in the tank, so to speak. Michael is motivated to become a better player. We’ve brought guys in here to push him and he has responded. [T Donald] Stephenson was out today. He got a little calf strain and we expect him back soon. Michael had to move around again."

Shane Ray on the tackles he faces in practice

"Russell Okung, when we're talking about run blockers, he's probably one of the best that you'll see. He's so big and strong, you have to be able to be physical with a guy like that and he's got really nice feet. Micheal Schofield's getting a lot better with his technique. Donald Stephenson, what we love about him is that he's so aggressive and you need a guy like that on the offensive line that's going to go out there and be competitive and get chippy with guys. That's the kind of things that you like to see out of a physical position like that. All three guys are definitely getting better and better. I look forward to every time I `get to go against Russell because he's such a bigger guy. I feel like if I can do well against him then, there are not too many other guys in the league that have that same size and ability. I'll be alright."