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Madden doesn’t think much of the Broncos defense

The game, not the man, has the Denver Broncos defense ranked below the Kansas City Chiefs and tied with the New England Patriots. Give me a break.

When Pro Football Focus names a single team having both the best front-seven in the NFL and the best secondary in the NFL, then how can it not have the best defensive Madden Rating in the game?

EA Sports

Instead, they gave the Kansas City Chiefs the highest defensive rating and put the Denver Broncos tied with the New England Patriots with the second highest.

I mean, that’s pretty dumb. Madden has a history of being unkind to the Broncos in ratings, so its not surprising.

The only reasons this is a story is because Chiefs fans are gushing all over this and I want Bronco fans to remember this when they are crying again in January when they lose the AFC West again and Bronco fans are celebrating.