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Denver Broncos training camp: Day 12 live blog, Twitter feed, and more

We have learned a lot through the first eleven days of Broncos training camp. As the first preseason game looms, focus shifts from individual position battles to game preparation.

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The Denver Broncos are just a few days away from their first preseason game at the Chicago Bears, which takes place on Thursday. They have practice today and Tuesday, but will have no practice days on Wednesday or Friday.

There will be less individual position battles going on and more game preparation. At quarterback, I would expect Mark Sanchez to start, followed by Trevor Siemian and then rookie Paxton Lynch to close things out. This game will go a long way in determining the roster order at quarterback for the second and third preseason games.

Let’s just hope the NFL doesn’t find a way to screw things up and games get canceled. Catch up on training camp from our daily reports:

Broncos Training Camp Live Updates

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