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Von Miller playing like a beast but 'not quite' up to own playing standards yet

Miller says he is physically ready but not quite game ready. Give him a week.

Von Miller may not have gotten the nod to play in Thursday's preseason opener, but our Super Bowl MVP is definitely in shape and ready to go.

"Physically I'm good, conditioning-wise I'm good. It's just the mental part of it," Miller said after Tuesday's practice.

Gary Kubiak announced that Miller and fellow defenders Aqib Talib and DeMarcus Ware wouldn't play against the Bears Thursday night. Fellow veteran Russell Okung will also be sitting this one out.

But Miller acknowledged he just needs a few more days - a little more exposure to the football field - to remind his body about his signature moves. Despite being six years in the game, the premiere edge rusher said taking a break the past few months definitely has required a little reorientation to football.

"Whenever take a break from football, it's always a process to get back to game speed, the game speed I want to play at," Miller said, saying he plans to be ready for the 49ers game. "I'm right there ready to go. It's just some of the mental stuff, the plays. Every day I practice I remember something new I used to do."

But from the outside looking in, Miller looks every bit the MVP he was in February - and then some.

Mile High Report's Ian Henson - who has been attending Training Camp - says Miller looks "like an animal."

"He's the reason Donald Stephenson is having to take days off," Henson noted.

So whatever worries you may have had about No. 58 being behind a little because he spent the offseason dancing and flirting with Hollywood, let me remind you that excellent footwork and balance is a huge key to Miller's ability to be a beast on the edge despite getting constantly pushed around.

I say doing the Fox Trot for two months was genius.

So be patient, Broncos Country, the Miller we know and love will be back soon enough.

"The Von I know I can be, the Von I want to be," Miller said. "I'm not there yet."