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Donald Stephenson feels like this offense was built for him

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Donald Stephenson talks about joining Denver via free agency, his fit in the offense, and more.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro caught up with Donald Stephenson at training camp today and discussed his feelings about joining the Broncos.

Anytime the Super Bowl team comes after you first, it’s a confidence booster.

I heard how they do things here...They take care of their players, and I just wanna be a part of something special.

They went on to ask about his fit in the offense and how he likes playing in the zone scheme.

Coach Kubiak’s offense is famous for athletic linemen, being able to run, cutting off backsides, reaching and that’s kinda what I do best. They seen that and I knew that was why they wanted me to come play here.

I’ve been working on all of those things all during the off-season, dropped some weight to be able to be able to play in the offense and it’s working out well for me. I am loving it. It’s like it was built for me.

This is good to hear from Stephenson as some of us were scratching our heads a bit (and still might be) when Denver pursued Stephenson as their first signing of the off-season. They must have seen something they liked and believe in his ability to contribute.

Aside from a hurt calf that caused him to miss a day or two, Stephenson has been on the field all through camp and has been working against Von Miller.

I go against Von and I know he’s gonna prepare me for the game. I don’t see much after him...practicing against that guy is going to prepare me for the best every week.

Check out Donald’s full interview above.

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