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Rod Smith has a message for those who doubted the Broncos

The Afternoon Drive had a great interview with the Broncos’ Ring of Fame receiver on Friday.

Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

If you were against the Denver Broncos and got a phone call from Rod Smith on Friday, you probably got cussed out.

The former Denver Broncos receiver and Ring of Fame member was none too pleased with the disrespect the team got, again, from the so called “experts” prior to Thursday’s game against the Carolina Panthers.

So after his Broncos walked out of Mile High in the NFL season opener with the 21-20 win, he let his voice be heard. As you could imagine, Smith was is in a feisty mood when he talked with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive on Friday.

“Man, everybody I’m talking to I’m talking mad noise,” Smith said. “I can’t cuss on y’all’s radio show, but I’m just cussing everybody out. Anybody who doubted this squad, I’m just calling them up, I yell at them, cuss them out and hang up the phone. That’s what I’m doing today.”

Smith emphasized this is still just one game, but the confidence the coaches and players will get from watching the game and seeing the plays left on the field will make them feel good heading into Week 2 against the Indianapolis Colts.

Bonus listen: Did Trevor Siemian play well? Good? Average? Goodman and Shapiro give their thoughts on this hotly-debated topic after the win.