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Ultimate Fan Guide is back - who will be the ultimate UFG?

We're starting with Week 2 this season, so if you want to join in the fun, hurry up and name your game in the comments!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

OK, so I have to admit I wasn't really feeling the Ultimate Fan Guide this year after so much nonsense in our community and on the planet in general over our team, the quarterback, etc.

But then I read the responses in my Q&A to our new Hall-of-Fame member inductees (post coming soon!) and I was completely rejuvenated over the idea. They reminded me that in the end we all truly love this team and love this site (even if it's hard to be nice to each other and act like adults sometimes -€” lol).

So let's do this. If you want to preview the upcoming game with a series of questions from me and some silly predictions to boot, then sign up in the comments!

As always, it's a first come, first served basis on this, so offer your football IQ services below, and do it quickly (*and if you sign up, make sure your email on your SB Nation profile is current, otherwise I'll have no way to contact you!)

Sorry to have missed Week 1, but whoever takes Week 2 with the Colts will have to be ready for a quick turnaround!

OK, on your mark, get set, go!

Game Commenter
Week 2: Broncos v. Colts WesternAZbroncosfan
Week 3: Broncos at Bengals Luis Felipe Saccini
Week 4: Broncos at Buccaneers Broncalanche
Week 5: Broncos v. Falcons ADanishMan
Week 6: Broncos at Chargers (color rush, TNF) the_prodigal_fan & Broncosin17
Week 7: Broncos v. Texans (MNF) Todduscraig & TheRealist2015
Week 8: Broncos v. Chargers SaguaroBronco
Week 9: Broncos at Raiders CaliforniaOrangeandBlue
Week 10: Broncos at Saints branconomad
Week 11: First-half review (BYE) T.Kothe & Whorfin
Week 12: Broncos v. Chiefs sterno74
Week 13: Broncos at Jaguars j-man & mad horses
Week 14: Broncos at Titans draco1986 & pdx_mustang
Week 15: Broncos v. Patriots Calikula & stay22
Week 16: Broncos at Chiefs Zach Eckels
Week 17: Broncos v. Raiders KilledByAnAngel & DonkeyDave